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LEVA Modular System from EGOE Life consists of a basic module and accessories that can be combined with various Egoé products or accessories such as pillows, bean bags and more.

This eye-catching cube creates an open interior placed in the outdoors for relaxation and carefree rest.

It offers endless possibilities. It's up to you to decide how you want to put it all together.

Material: steel structure, zinc coated with powder coating finish, surface made of solid wood.

All steel parts are galvanized and finished with a powder coating. The support beams are made of larch.

Strap Wall Dimensions: 1987 x 40 x 2240 mm

Technical Info:

STRAP WALL - This type of wall has perhaps the most in common with outdoor activities found throughout the Egoé line, i.e., reflecting the style of the outdoors and camping. Ropes, pins, straps. These straps make for an interesting alternative for dividing up the space between individual cubes, or possibly closure of the outer walls. The straps are made of polyester.

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