ADEZZ FORNO® Cosa BCA2 + grill

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Corten Steel Fire Bowl on legs with grill

Dimensions: 600mm x 570mm

FORNO® is the new product to prepare a healthy meal outside. The spherical fire bowl has a round wide, thick flat roasting plate that you can use as a teppanyaki or plancha. The roasting plate has different cooking temperatures. The centre of the plate reaches a higher temperature than the outer sides of the plates. This makes preparing a meal with different dishes, that require different temperatures to prepare, easier. The FORNO® is beautifully designed and creates a special atmospheric cooking experience together with your guests. Whether you are baking eggs, slowly cooking vegetables, grilling a tender steak or preparing fish. With the FORNO® you discover a whole new world full of possibilities for outdoor cooking. You can grill and bake at the same time thanks to the included BBQ grill.

5 year warranty

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