Canopy, composite decking and artificial grass in the new build estate garden in Kirkcaldy

A Stunning Transformation Using Garden Canopy, Composite Decking and Artificial Grass


For this project, our client wanted a space for the whole family; an area for children to play in and one for entertaining with summer BBQs. So, we set to work designing the perfect outdoor room that maximised the value of their £8-12 thousand budget.


The site

The garden was located in a newly built housing estate and so lacked anything defining or striking which would set it apart from the neighbours. It was plain, lacked purpose and overgrown with grass which was in poor condition due to northern exposure. The home had a small patio, accessible by french doors, but the area did not provide enough space to sit, eat to relax. The rest of the garden was also built on a steep slope which made the space even less practical.


The client

Our client's main requirement was to get the most from the limited space they had by transforming a bare, unpractical garden into one the whole family could enjoy spending time in.

The new garden would be used to entertain friends and family, provide a safe play space for children and which was easily maintained and cared for to coincide with their busy daily lives.


The design

We wanted to design to perfectly blend with their existing property which had a warm and modern feel. To do this, we settled on a design of strong contrasts, clean lines and geometrical shapes.

To give the space a fresh and inviting look, we used contrasting colours, such as brilliant white fencing panels to surround the garden. This colour choice also helped the garden to look and feel much larger and open, while beautifully contrasting with the new bright and vibrant plants.

To help create spaces for play and relaxation, the design uses two levels. The lower level leads from the patio doors out to the new raised composite decking, built on the same level as the home's kitchen to give the impression of an extended room and dining area. The terrace also had new Perspex roofing installed for better weatherproofing and protection. The most important feature of the area has become a custom-made BBQ unit with a built-in ceramic grill.

The upper level has a brilliant new border made from sleeper beds full of herbs, grasses, perennials and wildlife-attracting plants. The sleepers have been painted graphite with white spacers to give them a modern look. Some of the beds were left empty, so the clients can grow vegetables and fruits, offering the perfect exercise for kids to engage, play and learn. Due to previous grass problems and the desire to create a low-maintenance garden, the upper level was covered with artificial grass, which looks and feels excellent while needing minimal care.


Both our team and the client are thrilled with how the project turned out:

"We are very pleased with the garden we got from Landscape Brothers. This is not just a garden we got. We got a completely new lifestyle and expanded our home space. It turned out to be so important, especially this year during the lockdown when we were able to enjoy the weather and spend many happy moments together."

- Katrina, Kirkcaldy.

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