Patio Covers and Canopies

Canopies, patio covers and gazebos are extremely underrated options to have in your garden or outdoor space.  

A common reason that they are usually overlooked is due to tight budgets, which of course is understandable. However, an outdoor covered patio, canopie, or gazebo feature can actually help you make more use of your garden and create a real extension to your home, all at an affordable cost. Not only will it look great and offer you and your guests increased space, but it will also protect you from the elements when sitting or relaxing outdoors.  

Patio cover ideas  

Rather than trying to landscape the entire garden, it is sometimes better to concentrate on just one spot, making it as comfortable, convenient and attractive as possible.  

Installing a covered patio with an outdoor kitchen or a jacuzzi, depending on what you like doing, would create a beautiful outdoor space that is protected from the elements. There are so many options when it comes to patio covers, or outdoor pergola covers.  

Some of the most popular patio cover ideas we have helped bring to reality, are: 

  • Patio covered kitchens  
  • Patio covered jacuzzi  
  • Patio covered dining spot  
  • Pergola covered space to relax, sit and sunbathe in 
  • Pergola covered living space  
  • Patio covered outdoor workout space 

 The best thing about a patio or pergola cover is that it gives more freedom in terms of style, decoration and furniture as you don’t need to worry about intrusion from the elements. Your patio cover idea doens’t have to be set in stone, simply create a beautiful, relaxing spot to sit in, eat in and enjoy the feeling or the fresh air on your face throughout the day, in the morning or into the late summer evenings.  

Garden area under canopy style 3 - outdoor patio covers outdoor patio covers Garden area under canopy style 2 Garden area under canopy

Benefits of an outdoor patio covers  

Wondering what exactly the benefits of outdoor patio covers are? Let us give you some examples. 

  • Protection from the elements; be it the British rain or the summer sun!  
  • Create a beautiful outdoor space to comfortably dine in 
  • Enjoy leisure time outdoors with your friends and family 
  • Create a beautiful new space to enhance the look and feel of your home 
  • Utilise your property’s space to the best of its ability  
  • Enjoy more time in your garden 
  • Have a dedicated space just for you or for the full family 

An outdoor covered patio can provide a versatile space that can be used in a range of different ways. Speak to the landscaping experts at Landscape Brothers to start the process of improving and enhacning the space in your garden.  

What are pergola covered canopies? 

A pergola is a freestanding structure that can be constructed with wood, metal or, commonly, aluminum. They give homeowners the ability to create a covered area in their garden that is still open, airy and in touch with nature.  

As well as being freestanding, pergola canopies can also be attached to the property or built into an existing structure, with the ability to seamlessly link modules together to cover outdoor spaces of all sizes. This means you can start off with a budget-friendly pergola, and have the option of extending it later on if space and budget allows.  


Pergola Canopies by Outdoor Living Pods 

The ideal solution for creating a beautiful, well protected outdoor area are bespoke Outdoor Living Pods.  

Thanks to their ingenious design, not only can you play with sun and shade by rotating the louvers through 135 degrees but with some of the models, you can fully retract the roof for the complete open-air alfresco experience and maximum sunlight. When closed, the louvers lock together, providing shelter from the rain and even snow. 

There are additional options to include ambient evening lighting, instant heating or side screens. 

Outdoor living pods truly are the best option if you are looking to improve the look and feel of your garden and add a beautifully designed, highly convenient outdoor area to maximise the living space around your property.  

To find out more about outdoor living pods, please get in touch with Landscape Brothers today.  


Author: Artur (Managing Director)

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