Leva Modular Pergolas

Every member of the family can benefit from spending time outdoors. Not only does fresh air and natural light make us feel better and healthier, but an outdoor space is also a place where families can connect and have fun together. Studies have shown that spending time outside can help children develop creativity and strengthen their imagination, leading them into a future of limitless potential!

Despite these benefits, children are generally more reluctant to spend time outdoors in a world of new technology and screen time. Our team at Landscape Brothers has been looking for an answer to this problem. And we believe we’ve found a great solution that could tempt your children into venturing into the outdoors more regularly.


Leva Home: where the possibilities are endless

Let us introduce an award-winning product (German Design Award 2022); the modular system known as Leva Home, from Egoé Life.

Leva's modular system offers an endless number of possibilities. It is characterised by a straightforward design, suited to any garden style.

It would make an excellent area for seating, cooking or a home office. Another great use is to create a child-friendly play space; with its climbing walls, steel ladders, and drawing board, it has enough features to spark any young person’s imagination. There is even an option for adding a swing bed, where you can have a nap or read.


Customised to meet your requirements

Leva Home offers you the option to add screens and walls made of fabric, slats, polyester straps and more, and adjust the roof with shading, lightweight mesh, wooden slats or polycarbonate panels. Then, choose interior equipment designed and sold by Egoé Life; they have everything you need to create your unique outside home.

This interior equipment may include wooden flooring (made of larch wood and treated with nano-coating of colourless oil), dining tables, bar tables, benches (all made of laminate boards or tropical wooden slats), compact outdoor kitchens (containing a removable silicon sink with a faucet), cutting boards, silicone bowls, gas cookers, a grill preparation area, worktops and planters. All elements used in the design are made of high-quality materials, and all steel structures are galvanised and finished with a powder coating.

Leva Home: Outdoor Kitchen, Fully Stocked


A flawlessly integrated system


Not only do Egoé Life know how to choose suitable materials, but, more importantly, they understand environmental integration. Their outdoor products can be used all year round and provide the same comfort level as if you were inside your home.


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We believe that Leva Home is an engaging and valuable product, making life healthier for children and their families. It can be put out in the garden and also on a large patio, terrace or even a roof terrace in the busy city.

If you want to find out more about creating an outside office, living room or playroom, please get in touch via our website or book a consultation.

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