Corradi High-Quality Aluminium Pergolas

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Transform your outdoor space into a living area with Corradi and Landscape Brothers

This year, Landscape Brothers are proud to announce a partnership with internationally recognised Aluminium Pergola supplier Corradi.

Established in 1978, Corradi encapsulates pure Italian style, combining functionality with elegance and sophistication. Corradi puts an emphasis on innovation, with an eye for up-and-coming trends and a passion for supplying the most state of the art, bespoke solutions.

It is the ambition of the organisation to create spaces that surpass your ordinary outdoor gazebo or patio. This is more than a perfect garden furniture set; this is a fully functional and versatile space that can be used for whatever you see fit.

Corradi transforms outdoor spaces into living spaces that you can use all year round, whatever the weather.

Aluminium Pergola supplier Corradi, partners with Landscape Brothers



Why invest in a Corradi Aluminium Pergola?


Aluminium Pergola over outdoor decking, Corradi and Landscape BrothersThere are many benefits to investing in a Corradi Aluminium Pergola.

Firstly, Aluminium Pergolas are more durable than other outdoor solutions. Your structure is built to last, and with the talent and expertise of Landscape Brothers' installation team, you should get many, many years of use out of your pergola.

Secondly, Corradi's patented sliding covering system or adjustable blades ensures that your new space is versatile and can be put to multiple uses. Whether it's a social space for a summer's day, a covering for a hot tub, or a meditation and yoga space, you can quickly and conveniently pull the louvred roof over your pergola so you're covered.

Simply put, Corradi's products look fantastic, with a stylish and sleek quality you don't find with other suppliers. Corradi put a lot of emphasis on aesthetic and functional design, aiming to blend nature with the products they create. They take inspiration from the elements; fire, water, earth and air.

Each solution is highly customisable, and can be made bespoke to each space. Whatever your requirements, Landscape Brothers can help you find and design the perfect pergola for you.

Pergotenda - Sliding Covering System


A well-loved and popular Corradi model, Palladia is a wall-mounted pergola made from a combination of aluminium and stainless steel.

Palladia is instantly recognised by its strong and simple lines, with emphasis on the corner of the front joints, a detail associated with Corradi aesthetic.

With a classic and minimal design, Palladia is perfectly versatile for multiple uses, leaving room for the customer to add their own stamp of personality on their Pergotenda.






The Maestro Pergotenda encapsulates multiple spaces in one - offering a wide variety of configurations for you to choose from.

Equipped with LED lighting and concealed motorised movement, this Pergotenda has heaps of personality. You'll be able to choose from a vast array of design options, materials, colours and structures, all bespoke to your personal taste.

With unique features and innovative functions, Maestro is for anyone with an appreciation for innovative design, state of the art functionality and expressing themselves through the solutions they invest in.



Bioclimatics - Orientable Blade System

Corradi's Bioclimatics range reimagines the role that outdoor space plays for the customer. It invites you to reevaluate your own perceptions and pushes the boundaries of what the outdoors can be used for.

Bioclimatics is equipped to support a myriad of uses, including for cooking and bathing. Each structure comes with adjustable blades of up to 135° and is a freestanding structure with platforms, pillars, beams in full architectural continuity.


Imago has all the function and form of a room inside your house, but its stunning transparent walls and bladed roof allows it to seamlessly blend with the surrounding nature.

Put your own unique spin on Imago with a range of colours and materials. The blades are motorised, allowing you to open and close them with the touch of a button

You'll feel truly at one with the world while you cook, bathe or socialise in your own self contained paradise.





If you're looking for simplicity and practicality, Eteria is the one for you.

This manual pergola is freestanding with adjustable blades which do not require electricity. It's lightweight, functional and weather resistant, incorporating in-built guttering. It offers the benefits of open space while remaining covered and protected.






To see Corradi fantastic pergolas please visit our Show Garden located in Kirkcaldy (Fife), we can also design and install one of their pergolas, as their approved installer.

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Closures and Accessories

No Corradi solution would be complete without bespoke lighting and sun shading. Landscape Brothers also provides Corradi accessories for the finishing touch to your structure.

Glass Closures

Sliding Glass Closures for outdoor pergola

Give yourself protection from the elements without obstructing your view. Corradi’s sliding glass patio doors make it possible to laterally close your Pergotenda and bioclimaticpergolas, without comprising on style or elegance.

Adding these glass closures will help create a smooth transition between your outdoor space and your pergola, adding a stunning finish to your exterior landscape.

The sliding glass doors anchor to the ground and rest on sliding tracks, giving you the choice between an open, semi-open or completely closed look once installed. Make your pergola feel even more like a part of your home with these beautiful glass closures.



The Fabric Magiko installed onto a pergola

The Fabrik Magiko

The Fabric Magiko is one of Corradi's most recent and coveted inventions in the world of pergola canopies. The Fabrik Magiko is a vertical filtering protection that can be shaped to your existing pergola, shading you from the sun or providing extra privacy.

The innovative design allows the closure to retract seamlessly without comprising on the style or look of your pergola.

It boasts a range of new, cutting-edge features that makes the handling of this electric pergola cover effortless.


The maetrics aura from corraldi and landscape brothers

The Materics (Aura)

Allowing you to direct the passage of air and light, The Materics (Aura) is the family of Corradi closures that add protection to your structure.



The shades come in a range of fixed or mobile blades, available in various materials such as wood or aluminium. With The Materics (Aura), you can customise the atmosphere and exposure of your pergola with little fuss.

There are a full range of other closures from Corradi available if you feel that these are not exactly what you’re looking for. Our team at Landscape Brothers would be delighted to talk you through all your available options and help you find the best closure for you.



Lighting accessories for your pergola from Corradi and Landscape brothersWe also offer many lighting solutions designed by Corradi. Classy as always, Corradi's pergola lighting allows you to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Corradi views lighting as a decorative element that can't be overlooked when building your dream pergola.

Of course, like all Corradi products, their lighting is also highly functional and will allow you to enjoy your structure well into the evening.

Particularly for pergolas built for commercial purposes, like restaurants and bars, the lighting in and around your structure is crucial. Corradi offers various luminous components designed to mimic candlelight or add a touch of drama.

We'll walk you through your project from start to finish. To start planning your project and pre-order your pergola, please get in touch with our expert team today.

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