Outdoor living and naturalistic trends in landscaping: the motto of FutureScape 2020

There is a need to design and build naturalistic gardens and to spend more time outdoors.

This is what we heard from industry experts at this year's FutureScape.

FutureScape is the UK's leading landscaping event we attended this year. Artur and Vito, who represented Landscape Brothers, took part in live debates, webinars, and talked to the many experts and leading companies in the landscaping industry that were attending the event.

The recent lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the general need for a healthier lifestyle have helped make people realise the importance of well-being. Attention is continuing to be placed on the growing importance of communing with nature and spending time outdoors, both for our mental and physical health.

The closest place for this, which is near our homes easily accessible, even during a lockdown, is our own gardens. It was this year that people started to realise that a garden should be more than a lovely patio, a straight lawn and 30 cm wide flower beds. We need it adapted to our lifestyle, it must fulfil a purpose and be adjusted to our needs.

People are also becoming more and more aware of helping wildlife and biodiversity, which is fantastic but also shows that there is a need to be in touch with nature. The growing interest in growing vegetables on raised beds, encouraging wildlife and introducing native plant species is definitely a trend in the right direction.


How does it look in practice?


Less hardscaping and more planting areas. For example, lots of paving tends to cost the most, so following the trends will save you money as there are loads of softscape alternatives available.

Every garden requires a proper design or at least a concept and plan before installation. Please note that the gardens are there so that we can spend more time outdoors, so we shouldn't skip this critical step.


Planning is the key to success


Every element of the garden has to play a role. Why spend a lot of money if you won't use what's there. There are many more exciting things to do in life than watch your materials as they age. For example, a patio shouldn't be in the garden just for the sake of it, there must be a role for it to play. This is the place to sit and relax, dine with friends and family, or play with the kids.

It is not you who has to adapt to the garden, but the garden which needs to be adapted to you. And to achieve this, the options are endless.




One of the most frequent slogans during the show was outdoor living and how nice it can be with the available solutions. Two exciting products that we plan to introduce to our offer caught our attention.

Patio Covers and Canopies - the ideal solution for that are made in Britain Outdoor Living Pods...

Garden area under canopy style 3 Garden area under canopy 2


Outdoor Kitchens - a practical and stylish solution is provide by Grillo with its new range of outdoor kitchens - Vantage...

Outdoor kitchen design Outdoor kitchen 2



Everything points to the fact that the three most important things in building a garden are planning, planning and planning. This attitude will help you save money, help you do what is important to you and your life and be a personal choice rather than just because you saw something in your neighbour's garden. You have to imagine what you would like to do in your garden and determine what functions are necessary for this.

If you need help with such an important task, please contact us and trust our design process. We will propose a garden where you will be happy to spend time.


Author: ArturĀ (Managing Director)

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