Outdoor Kitchens

There is nothing better than al fresco on a nice warm evening. The cooking mania has spread across the UK in recent years. We all love to eat, and doing it outdoors gives extra joy and satisfaction.

Here you can let your imagination run wild and cook things that you would not normally do in a traditional kitchen - you can experiment with fire, smoke, charcoal, grilling, smoking, baking etc. Spending time with loved ones by the burning fire seems to be a primal and childish desire. A desire that can now be fulfilled easily and in style.

A practical solution is provided by Grillo with its new stylish range of outdoor kitchens - Vantage. Designers from Grillo focused on style and functionality, combining iroko hardwoods with beautifully finished carbon steel and durable porcelain surfaces. In our opinion, this is one of the best kitchen designs available on the market. Not only is it easy to install, but it also looks great, and its modular aspect allows it to be easily transformed or moved to another place.

Outdoor kitchen design Outdoor kitchen 3 Outdoor kitchen 2 Outdoor Kitchen 1

To find out about Grillo's kitchens, visit their website grilloliving.com, and if you would like to design and install one of them, please contact us as we are now the registered retailer of these kitchens.


Author: Artur (Managing Director)

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