Our Process

Our Design & Build Process

We want to help our clients to design a perfect outdoor space for any occasion and to make sure that it has everything that they need, from plants or paving right down to garden features, so that all future generations can enjoy these spaces too!

Designing and building your dream garden with Landscape Brothers, in a few easy steps:



We have created a convenient online enquiry form, as well as a budget calculator tool that you can complete and submit from the comfort of your home. Not only will this give you an idea of the cost, but it will also give us valuable information about your project. It will also allow you to book a consultation.


Our consultant will visit you at your home and will need about an hour of your time to discuss your requirements and understand what you would like to achieve.

Shortly afterwards, you will receive an email which summarizes the meeting and gives a brief proposal to make sure that we have understood your requirements. We will also advise whether our design service (sketches, 2D/3D drawings and planting plans) would be recommended.

Most landscaping projects require a detailed design. If it’s agreed that your project needs one, a fee of between £200-£400 will apply.



We will be able to prepare the first concept-drawing proposal within a few days of you giving us the go-ahead. Ideally, we would then meet you at our show garden to discuss your ideas, as well as the requirements for materials, colour schemes and features.

Our Show garden includes features and materials that should not only inspire you in your choices but also make practical decisions to help us prepare the next and most detailed version of the design.


Once we have your feedback and have made decisions on the major, and perhaps some of the finer, aspects we will start working on more detailed 2D & 3D drawings, as well as giving you an itemised quote and a specification of the work to be done.

We would expect to have one or two revisions after this to refine the plans before we put together a final proposal.



After we have ironed out the details of the project, we will email you the final proposal. This will include detailed plans, a specification of the work, a detailed quote and our T&C.

If you decide to go ahead with the project implementation, you will be asked to sign the contract and will be given an estimated project start date.


Our experienced installation team will take care of every step of the process; from ordering the materials to the final work, including the hard and soft landscaping. A dedicated member of our team will liaise with you throughout the duration of the project, until completion.

All our inspections are carried out by the Project Manager, who will visit your garden at every significant stage.



On completion of the project, you will receive an aftercare guide which explains how to maintain the planted areas and lawn (if relevant).

You will also receive details of a contact within our team, should you need any advice or have any questions.

We can also discuss scheduling an aftercare visit within 12 months of installation, during which time our team will check the condition of the plants and all the installed hard landscaping structures.

We would politely request to take a few photos for our website.