Outdoor Kitchens

For family, friends, food and fire


Landscape Brothers has recently entered into a partnership with the fantastic supplier of refined and beautiful outdoor kitchens, Grillo. This means we can use their products as a focal point, or as an additional feature in our range of bespoke design services.

With modular designs and easy installation, we can turn your garden into a space for true outdoor living. Eat, play and bond in your garden as you whip up some delicious meals and insert some extra joy and satisfaction into your outdoor space.


What is an outdoor kitchen?


An outdoor kitchen is an entertaining space that includes anything from a free-standing BBQ to a fully built structure complete with grills, cupboards and all the amenities of a conventional kitchen.

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Do you install outdoor kitchens or help to design them?


We want everyone to know the joys of outdoor cooking and the fun that can be had entertaining in the open air. This is why we aim to not only install your new outdoor kitchen but help you design the best possible space for you.

If you come to us with an idea already in mind, no problem. We can advise you on the best layouts, materials and process to get you the garden kitchen of your dreams.


How to build an outdoor kitchen


We start with a look at your space, your budget and your requirements and then move on to initial designs. With a focus on convenience, quality design and cost, we want to be able to offer you the best outdoor kitchen possible. We work with you to decide on your preferred materials, style and features you'd like included.

Once designs are finalised, we source the products from Grillo, as well as any other materials we need, and get to work transforming your garden. We can design an entire outdoor entertaining space or simply install your new outdoor kitchen.


What type of design can outdoor kitchens have?


With the products supplied by our friends at Grillo, we create bespoke designs for every client. Working to your requirements and input regarding style, we'll come up with initial ideas and work with you until they are perfect.

As an example, the Vantage range of Grillo outdoor kitchens can be designed with everything from feature walls to door front in several different styles. Carbon and stainless steel can offer a sleek and modern feel while warm-coloured woods can be used for a more timeless design.


What can my outdoor kitchen have?


Whatever you want in your outdoor kitchen, we'll design and install. Just some of the features which can be included are:

  • Gas grills
  • BBQs
  • Wood-fired pizza ovens
  • Refrigerators and wine chillers
  • Sinks
  • Cupboards and storage
  • Countertops
  • Bar tops
  • Smokers
  • And so much more!