Online Designs & Planting Plans

Please complete the form below if you’d like to order online garden design or planting plan service. This service is dedicated to those who have a DIY project, are based outside of our service area or already have a contractor and just need a professional help with planning the garden.

Our online garden design and planting plan services start with you.

It can be used as an excellent asset for supporting your own efforts in the garden or as a high-quality roadmap for other professionals to follow.

Everyone's garden should be unique and reflect personal style and needs. Working with our designers, you can upgrade your space to be the best version of itself.

Garden design is a fundamental aspect of landscaping. We know how important looks are in any garden, so we always make sure to offer the best garden design you could expect anywhere in Scotland. Furthermore, your space can be upgraded with one focus in mind or arranged in a multipurpose fashion. So whether you need a quiet space to relax or a child play area, we can make it happen!

Each garden design project begins with a thorough assessment of a client's needs and expectations.

Garden design & planting plans from start to finish

Contact us
The process of transforming your garden couldn't be more straightforward with our team. You are already on your way after filling out the enquiry form above.

After that, we need a few photos and garden measurements from you. If you need any tips on getting those measurements right, you can find a guide here.

After this, if we have any questions or anything that needs to be clarified, we will contact you by phone or email for a quick chat.

Concept designs
We will send you through a concept design to consider from our expert team. You can request any amendments required to make your garden everything you want it to be.

We will share all our ideas with you within the scope of the design you prefer. Using a vision board, Pinterest or Houzz, we will collaborate with you to get everything perfect.

Initial full-colour designs and quotation
Once complete, you will get your first glimpse of the new garden. We will mock up and send you the first 2D colour designs of the garden and its layout.

Working in new amendments for you along the way is no problem. Our process is flexible and suited to your needs.

At this stage, you will receive a clarification quote so you know exactly how much everything will cost before any final design work begins.

Final designs
Once you have received your final 2D/3D designs, our support doesn’t end there. If you have any follow up questions, we are always happy to help.

Garden Planting Plans
Creating a supporting planting plan is another easy add on to the design we would be happy to help with. A few extra notes on your preferences, maybe some additional photo’s and a quick discussion with our team is all it will take at the most. Fill out the planting plan form above to let us know of your interest.

The end result will be a fully labelled plant list and directions on how to get the very best arrangements in your space.