Artificial Grass

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Grass is one of the staples of gardens. While there are exceptions, most UK gardens use grass lawns as their focal point. That said, grass doesn’t come without its share of disadvantages. Many lawn owners have devoted more than one summer Sunday, that could have been spent on relaxation, to mowing, weeding, watering, and otherwise tending to grass. That’s not even going into the fact that grass changes depending on season – it can take on an unpleasant colour in the colder seasons, while causing allergies with pollen in the warmer periods. But you can still get the best out of your grass while limiting the unpleasantness involved - the Landscape Brothers can help you with that.

To clients that want a hassle-free, green lawn all throughout the year, we can offer artificial grass. It harmonises perfectly with the natural environment and doesn’t require any kind of mowing, weeding, or any other type of work. As Kirkcaldy’s leading landscaping specialists, we offer artificial grass that is bound to play its part well for many years to come.