Hypedome: Our New Partnership That’ll Change What You Think About Outdoor Living

All of us here at Landscape Brothers are incredibly excited to become distributors of garden domes, a fantastic type of structure created by Hypedome.


Hypedome has garden igloos that combine the indoors and outdoors


This unique structure adds an additional indoor space to your garden so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather all year long.


100% clear and frameless


A solid structure that offers full views in every direction. Set it up temporarily or keep it standing all year, it's a flexible space that'll adapt to your lifestyle.


A modern take on the conservatory


This unique garden space makes for an excellent alternative to a conservatory or patio enclosure. A space to relax or to wow your guests.


To find out more and get your hands on an amazing garden dome, click the link below.

Hypedome Website


Hypedome, outside in cold weather


This unique and wonderful structure can be constructed in under six hours and be used seasonably or left standing all year round. Over seven feet high (with more sizes coming soon), you can fit eight to ten people in the dome, allowing you to relax with a book or host a small party in your garden without being subject to the unpredictable weather.

Completely safe and secure when constructed and with little to no maintenance needed, you can transform your garden with this stylish feature that'll wow any guest and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.


Hypedome Size Image


Key Features


Weather-resistant and extremely durable
Protect yourself from rain, wind, snow and harsh sunlight in a dome that is 200x stronger than glass. Virtually unbreakable and usable in any season, you can relax in your garden no matter the circumstances.

Our garden domes are easy to construct, easy to move and easy to store. You can set it up for the summer, leave it standing all year round or disassemble and pop in your car boot for a glamping weekend.

HypeDome used 100% recyclable polycarbonate, so you never have to worry about the impact on the environment your new garden dome has had.

Low maintenance
With minimal on-going maintenance needed, and the structure's ease of cleaning, you never have to work up a sweat to enjoy all the benefits of Hypedome.

Construct to your requirements
With a range of new features and accessories, such as openable window panels, sun shade sail and lighting kits, your new garden dome will meet every need.


To find out more or to place an order, click this link.



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