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Made up from trees, bushes, vegetation, and various other elements, the landscape around your home is many things that combine to make a cohesive whole. One aspect that many practical gardens utilise is paved areas, which can complete a look, create a relaxing space and add accessibility to your garden space. These areas include patios and different types of garden paving.

Your patio can serve as the perfect place for a barbecue, a summer party or for you to unwind with a book, just like any other garden. At Landscape Brothers, we offer some of the most fantastic patio design services available in the area surrounding Edinburgh, Dunfermline, etc. We can help you enjoy a relaxing time in a compact space that you can feel has been designed just for you.

But whether you're relaxing on your patio or in your back garden, it's always a good idea to remember about paths so that you can more easily access remote areas of your landscape. The Landscape Brothers can help you with that as well, helping you decide on the best material for your path and offering creative designs to enhance your garden experience further.

A type of paving that we specialise in, and that you'll struggle to find with other landscapers, is:


Porcelain paving


  • A wide range of colours and styles
  • Resistant to scratches and stains 
  • Very easy to clean
  • Low maintenance 
  • Designed with unique layers for better drainage 
  • Slip-resistant


Porcelain combines the beautiful features of ceramics and the durability and qualities of concrete paving. Available in a range of designs, styles, sizes and colours, you can use porcelain paving to create a genuinely unique paving option for your outdoor spaces. 

Porcelain paving is formed using a mixture of clay, sand and several other minerals which form an incredibly robust, non-porous and attractive material. Porcelain paving stones are highly resistant and resistant to water absorption, meaning that their colour won't fade and they require very little maintenance to keep looking great.

Landscape Brothers have been offering porcelain paving for many years, and so know the ins and outs of how to create bespoke, beautiful and long-lasting paving. Not many landscapers can provide the same level of precise installation of porcelain that we provide to our clients. This allows us to lay intricate designs and create paving to meet any requirements. 

Porcelain paving and deck chairs Porcelain paving project Porcelain paving and house corner

Landscape Brothers offer a range of paving options, all using high-quality materials and designed around you and your needs. We can help transform your garden with not just porcelain paving, but with:


Natural paving


  • Available in a range of colours
  • Different sizes allow for the creation of unique designs and patterns
  • Easy installation  


Using natural materials, we can help you design and install some stunning garden and patio natural stone paving. Durable and easy to lay, natural paving can cut, shaped and laid in a wide range of sizes which allows us to create some truly unique designs.

Ranging from marble which can add a touch of elegance to your garden, to limestone, which offers warmth and sense of character. Landscape Brothers are experts in the installation of a range of garden and patio paving.


Concrete paving


  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Made from recyclable materials 
  • Can be adjusted and re-laid


Concrete paving offers the ultimate flexibility, combining style and durability. With options for textured and smooth garden paving slabs, we can help you create something that'll look great and last you a lifetime. 

Suppose you eventually change your mind and want to change up your paving's style or design. In that case, concrete paving can be easily adjusted to your taste and re-laid, causing no damage to the slabs or surrounding environment. If you decide to change from concrete to another material, then don't worry, the material is also fully recyclable. 

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