Best Things to do in Your Garden at the End of Summer

If you're lucky enough to have a garden, you know that the end of summer doesn't mean the end of planning and working in it. In fact, autumn is the ideal time to start preparing your garden to look its best next year.

In this short article, we’ve listed our top gardening tips that every gardener should follow when summer comes to an end.


1. Buy & plant your bulbs early!

Planting bulbs in early autumn / end of summer will guarantee a colourful and abundant Spring. Not only are bulbs easy to care for and simple to manage, they also provide excellent end-results as long as they are planted in the proper places.

For expert bulb planting, gardeners should look to:

  • Plant bulbs in places that get lots of sun
  • Plant bulbs in an area with well-drained soil
  • Use pots or containers to plant your bulbs in, adding more colour to your decking, concrete or patio areas
  • Plant bulbs at the end of August or start of September

Just by looking ahead to the Spring and exercising some efficient planning and garden organisation, you could be provided with months of rich colour and beauty all from the simple act of planting bulbs.

2. Plant and replant your garden borders

Autumn is perfect for planning ahead. If you have some bare spots in your garden or are looking to re-arrange your borders, get this done in Autumn to give your new plants a great chance of survival come the Spring.

The end of summer also gives gardeners a great selection of choice for planting, with a much wider range of plants available compared with later in the year.

Give your garden a fresh new look, divide up your existing perennials and start to increase your plant stock for next year with effective planting and replanting in early Autumn!

3. Make the most of bare root season

Bare root plants are available from October to March so if you’re after some new trees, hedges or shrubs, get ahead of the game and start buying and planting them in early Autumn. Take some time to devise your list and get out to the garden centres to purchase your desired bare root plants.

If you buy and plant them before winter, they’ll have a better chance of shooting up the following Spring and you’ll also be able to take advantage of the cheaper prices and wider selection before the other gardeners get up to speed!

Professional planting plans

Creating a well-thought-out planting plan that is made for your garden and its current conditions will work wonders for your outdoor space moving forward.

You can use Landscape Brothers’ professional online planting plan service to have a bespoke plan made for your garden, with your own needs, wants and style cater to exactly.

If you choose to take advantage of our excellent planting plan service, you will receive: 

  • A full list of plants (including quantities and sizes) 
  • A copy of the detailed design for your own use 
  • A simple maintenance guide to help you to look after the plants after they’ve been planted

Garden design service

If you're more interested in an entire garden design & build project, please keep in mind that this process will take time and it is best for such a project to start before the winter sets in.  

In order to have your garden ready for the next again year, it’s important to look for a designer and landscaper as soon as possible so both you and they can effectively plan ahead.  

Initial design stages are an essential part of the whole re-build process so it's essential that the professional garden designers at Landscape Bros have the time they need to create a bespoke plan that suits your garden and your requirements exactly. You will also be given a more accurate quote if you look to get the process started ahead of time,  

Once the design is ready, it can still take few weeks or even months to have your garden complete, mainly due to lead times on materials and availability of good landscaping contractors.  

You can contact Landscape Brothers today to get bespoke garden and landscaping advice, or to enquire further about our professional garden design service.  

You can also visit our blog for more tips and information on garden design, landscaping and the latest trends in outdoor living.

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